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Abek2p3 RD universal

Universal ABEK2P3 RD filter for Medop Vision

The ABEK2P3 RD filter meets the following characteristics:

-Manufactured with high-resistance materials that do not produce noxious effects to the user's health and hygiene.

-Designed for excellent protection against: inorganic gases and vapours, organic gases and vapours with a boiling point over 65ºC, sulphur dioxide and other acid gases and vapours, as well as ammonia and ammonia derivatives.

-Weighs 380 grams.

-Reusable filter; can be used for more than one workday.

-Passes dolomite tests; better clogging resistance for longer.

-Category 3.

-Universal threaded connection.

-Can be used with the Medop Vision full mask.

-Filter for gases and vapours, level of use: 2, limit value 1000 ppm; 0.1% volume.

-Particle filter, level of use: 3, Limit value >0.1 mg/m3 (50 x TLV)

-Breathing resistance at 30l/min: 1.8 mbar. At 95 l/min: 6.6 mbar

-ABEK2 P3 RD marking


The ABEK2P3 RD filter is especially recommended for jobs such as welding vehicle motors, aluminium, stainless steel. Do not use in atmospheres with less than 17% oxygen content volume, nor in explosive atmospheres. Not indicated for retaining organic vapours with a boiling point below 65 ºC, carbon monoxide (CO) or ozone oxide.

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