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Visor for use without a helmet

The Adaptarama is a visor with a face shield that makes it an excellent option to use without a helmet. Discover the product characteristics below:

-Adapter with double adjustment system for a perfect fit.

-Cotton anti-perspiration band, designed to offer excellent protection against sweat getting into the eyes while providing greater comfort.

-Circumference of the face shield is a minimum of 59 cm and a maximum of 69 cm.

-Simple visor assembly.

-Height adjustable visor.

-The hinged visor is fitted to the outer part of the adapter to stop liquid from filtering in.

-The length of the visor is: 22 x 39.1 cm

-There are several visor options available: 1 mm-thick polycarbonate with a M1B39 marking or 0.75 mm-thick PETG with a M1B3 marking.

-PETG visor is more malleable and light than polycarbonate.

-Polycarbonate visor offers electrical resistance of up to 1000 V.

-Also resistant to impacts and liquid splashes.


Due to its characteristics, the Adaptarama can be the perfect ally, to be used in the following sectors: painting, gardening, forestry work, construction, wood, agriculture and livestock husbandry.

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