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AUDIFLEX øreklokker

Headphones with padded harness and ear pads. SNR 32

Safety headphones with nylon dampers. Metallic headband, light and comfortable thanks to the cushioned headband. Adjustable height ear cups for increased comfort and adaptability to any user.  Especially comfortable ear cups thanks to low contact pressure and the cushioned ear pads made of polyurethane foam.


The black colour of the Audioflex dampers, along with their design, make them especially elegant headphones. They incorporate a green visibility band. Totally compatible with other PPEs.

Rugged metal harness: greater durability and resistance.

The product offers high attenuation, whereby it is especially recommended for high-noise environments and activities where worker visibility is important. Work environments with a noise level between: 102 and 117 dB. Sectors: F&B, chemical, metallurgy, carpentry, automotive industry, construction, graphic arts, airports, etc.

Store in a cool, dry place in their case, avoiding humidity, dirt and dust.



  • Colour: Black and green

  • Net weight: 353 g

  • SNR 32

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