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Heat pro

Gloves with split-leather palms

The Heat Pro glove is a very comfortable glove, with high resistance to heat and perforation, which has the following characteristics:

-Palm of the glove is manufactured in orange split-leather, which passes the level 2 anti-cut marking.

-Back of the glove is made of para-aramid aluminised fabric.

-Inner lining 100% cotton, which offers comfort and softness.

-The pieces are sewn together with Kevlar thread, resistant to high temperatures.

-This combination of materials provides resistance to heat, perforation and a great dexterity in handling pieces.

-Six sizes available: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

-This PPE is category 3

-Markings for the Heat Pro gloves are: 4222 413344

-Mechanical Risks

  • Abrasion resistance (palm) (4)

  • Knife cut (palm) (2)

  • Tearing (palm) (2)

  • Perforation (palm) (2)

-Thermal risks

  • Flame resistance (palm and back) (4)

  • Contact heat (palm) (1)

  • Convective heat (palm) (3)

  • Radiant heat (back) (3)

  • Small splashes of molten metal (back) (4)

  • Large splashes of molten metal (back) (4)



Heat Pro gloves are specially recommended for workstations with a higher risk of abrasion and ones that require more dexterity when handling objects. The glove is well-suited for handling 100ºC pieces for long periods of time. They protect against spillage and small splashes of molten metal. It is especially recommended for use in industries such as: smelting, metal industries, pyrotechnics, oven repairs, steelworks.

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