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NOTONE ørepropper

Single use earplugs with headband for improved grip. SNR 21 dB

Single use earplugs made out of polyurethane foam, with a non-porous, soft texture, making them more resistant to dirt.

Manufactured using hypo-allergenic material, easy insertion. Include a lightweight attachment band made of green polyethylene. Two possible positions: at the base of the neck or under the chin; and they stay in place even with movement. This model offers interchangeable earplug versions: conical and oval.

Designed for job positions with high temperatures and intermittent noise exposure. Work environments with a medium or low noise level: Oval Notone from 91 dB to 105 dB and Conical Notone from 92 dB to 106 dB. General industrial use.


  • SNR: 21 dB

  • Weight: Earplugs with headband: 10.95 g

  • Replacements: 1,03 g

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