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Anti-scratch and anti-fogging

The lightest spectacles with certified anti-fogging coating.

Shiro spectacles are the lightest safety spectacles with certified anti-fogging and a sporty design with the following features: 


 - Frame and lenses made of polycarbonate for high impact-resistance.

 - Flexible, non-slip temples that avoid slipping during use.

 - Bridge made of soft PVC for greater user comfort.

 - Sporty wrap-around design that does not distort vision, providing excellent side protection.

 - Excellent adaptation to other PPEs thanks to the thin, flexible temples.

 - SOLAR VERSION: SOLAR certification (EN172) and excellent sun protection for outdoor work (UV 400).

 - All lenses include a Certified Anti-fogging Coating (N) for perfectly clear vision even in sudden temperature changes.

 - All lenses include a Certified Anti-scratch Coating (K) for longer lasting lenses.


Shiro glasses are perfect for jobs with a high risk of impacts, those where several PPEs are used simultaneously, outdoor jobs requiring sun protection, jobs requiring UV protection. These sectors can include: Driving, Food, Quality Control, Construction, Forest and agricultural work, Piece inspectors, Paper/Graphic art, Laboratories, Maintenance, Machinery, Industrial assembly, Plastic, Factory technicians, Textiles, Workshops, Loading and unloading work, Metal work, etc.

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