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comfy kneepads

Comfy kneepads

Prevents injury and improves neuromuscular control


The COMFY kneepads are designed to successfully strengthen body mechanisms and provide additional protection to the knees, with freedom of movement and full comfort.

COMFORT AND SAFETY: Kneepad made of polyester with a padded EVA interior.

It incorporates a very resistant PVC exterior reinforcement, which is fastened to the kneepad’s base material using 6 eyelets that keep it from coming loose, making it easier to place and remove it.

SAFETY: It is fastened using two elastic polyester straps, which allow its length to be adapted so that it can be used by those with different dimensions in knee circumference. The elastic straps are fastened with buckles that are adjusted using two metallic buttons. This simple fastening system allows it to be easily placed on the knee or removed, while also preventing it from falling off or coming loose when it is in use.

NON-SLIP: The kneepad has a rough finish on the plastic protector, that provides grip.

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