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Eterea Plus

ETEREA plus vernebrille

Anti-scratch and anti-fogging coatings


100% polycarbonate spectacles for high-impact resistance.

The lenses have an anti-impacts FT marking, which makes them very stable in terms of impact protection, and their durability in extreme temperatures is not affected: between -5ºC and +55ºC.

The front of the spectacle features an inner foam protector that prevents particles from entering and makes it comfortable to wear. Plus, the foam absorbs impacts for greater safety during use.

Comfortable wrap-around DESIGN that does not distort vision for excellent side protection and clear vision.

UV PROTECTION: Lenses feature certified UV protection with enhanced colour recognition (2C-1.2 grade). The improved colour recognition means that the signs and signal lights do not dim for better safety for the spectacle wearer.

COMFORT: Extremely flexible, comfortable, lightweight frame. With a nose bridge that distributes the weight evenly, reducing and virtually eliminating the sensation of wearing spectacles.

Its compact design is highly compatible for use with other PPEs.

CERTIFIED Anti-Fog Coating (N): safe and clear vision even with sudden temperature changes and work with risk of lens fogging.

CERTIFIED Anti-Scratch Coating (K): longer lasting lenses against superficial deterioration from abrasion.

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