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HYBRID vernebrille

Anti-scratch - Certified antifogging

Xtreme hybrid 

Comprehensive solution, total protection

The phrase that best describes the Xtreme Hybrid is: Global solution, total protection. Discover why, with the following characteristics:

-Frame with foam-lined adapter which prevents the entry of particles, provides greater comfort and offers certified protection against liquids, with marking 3.

-Comfortable wrap-around design that does not distort vision.

-Frame over-injected with extra-soft TPR at the nasal bridge, upper guard and temple ends, reducing the deterioration of these components and increasing comfort during use.

-Attaches with an elastic band that can be adjusted using a buckle, providing a better fit to the worker’s face. Elastic strap may be interchanged with temples.

-May be used with several PPEs simultaneously.

-Certified anti-fog coating (N) in all lenses, which provides clear vision even with sudden temperature changes and work with risk of lens fogging.

-Certified anti-scratch coating (K), also on all lenses, lenses last longer against deterioration from surface abrasion.

-Very lightweight panoramic goggles, weighing just 28 grams.

-Clear lens option offers protection against harmful ultraviolet rays.

-Hybrid frame has a double certification, depending on the combination of elements:

  • 3FTKN: when using the interior adapter and elastic.

  • FTKN: when using without the adapter and with arms.

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