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Xtreme Neutral

XTREME vernebrille

Anti-scratch - Certified antifogging

Safety spectacles with maximum protection and versatility

The Xtreme spectacles are eye protection spectacles with the following characteristics:

- Frame is manufactured with Xylex (polycarbonate and polyester), which is a highly impact-resistant material.

- Excellent upper, side and lower protection.

- Nasal bridge and temples in non-slip material to prevent the spectacles slipping. The nose bridge is made of a highly chemically-resistant material.

Interchangeable elastic band with temples for use with other PPEs or to increase protection.

- Lenses are made of polycarbonate material with anti-scratch and anti-fog coating.

- Contains no metal components.

- 0% silicone.

All of these characteristics make the Xtreme safety spectacles very versatile and highly recommended for different industries, sectors and jobs: construction, food and beverages, textiles, paperworks and graphic arts, agricultural activities, forest development, automobiles, textiles, plastics, outdoor activities, etc. These are especially good for painters, since they are silicone-free.

The Xtreme spectacles are the perfect spectacles for jobs with impact risks, environments with electricity and for simultaneous use with other PPEs. Additionally, the Xtreme spectacles which can be graduated by design, thus covering this need for any workers who need prescription safety spectacles.

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