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KAMBA vernebrille

2-in-1 panoramic goggles

The Kamba goggles are 2-in-1 panoramic goggles that offer multiple options for a larger number of job positions. Learn more about their features:

-Nylon frame for maximum protection and lightweight.

-5 mm inner EVA foam, which is an impact-resistant and flame-retardant material.

-Arms with a 4-way pantoscopic angle for maximum adaptation to the wearer.

-Integrated foam-covered nose protector.

-Very light panoramic spectacles: 37 g.

-Arms may be substituted with a 2 cm elastic for improved fit and durability. Using the elastic changes the benefits of the spectacles.

-Marking for these spectacles when using arms: FTKN, protection against low-energy and high-speed impacts at extreme temperatures; anti-scratch and anti-fogging.

-Marking for these spectacles using the elastic: 345BTKN, protection against liquids, coarse dust, fine dust, medium-energy and high-speed impacts at extreme temperatures, anti-scratch and anti-fogging.

-All lenses are made of polycarbonate for greater protection against impacts.

-All versions with certified anti-scratch and anti-fogging coating.

-Solar version also available.

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