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Anti-scratch and anti-fogging

Versatile spectacles with adjustable arm length and inclination

The Numantina safety spectacles are especially versatile spectacles due to the following features:

-Mono-lens allowing continuous vision.

-Polycarbonate front for greater protection against impacts.

-Polycarbonate side protection integrated into the frame.

-Upper protection.

-Very flexible nylon arms to avoid rubbing.

-Length- and incline-adjustable arms (4 and 8 positions, respectively), making these very versatile spectacles.

-Arms in eye-catching colours for better visibility.

-Two colours available: orange and black, or yellow and black.

-Extra lightweight spectacles, weighing just 24 grams.

-All lenses are made of polycarbonate and include anti-scratch and anti-fog coating.

-F marking: Protection against low-energy impacts.


The Numantina spectacles are spectacles that protect against impacts, with anti-scratch and anti-fogging coatings, recommended for jobs in hot environments or environments that combine different temperatures. Include UV protection. They are very versatile spectacles that adapt to all workers, recommended for use with lathes, polishing machines, agricultural activities, metallurgy, automobiles, etc. 

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