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Filter with P3 RD PAD marking and universal connector.

The P3 filter protects against solid and liquid particles and is compatible with half masks with a universal closure; additionally, these are its characteristics:

-Manufactured with cutting edge filtration materials: Advanced Non-wovens Fiber.

-Includes an air chamber to guarantee maximum breathability.

-It is a very lightweight filter, 70% lighter than a cased filter.

-Weight: 86 grams.


-Passes the dolomite test.

-Guaranteed maximum level of use: Particle filter, level of use: 3, limit value 10000 ppm, 1% volume. 0.1 mg/m3 (50 x TLV)

-Breathing resistance at 30 l/min: 0.5 mbar and at 95 l/min: 1.7 mbar

-Universal filter connector.

-Compatible with the Medop Vision mask.

-Marking: P3 RD PAD

-Protects against solid and liquid particles, such as dust, smoke or aerosols


The P3 filter, given its marking, is recommended for use in job positions such as: asbestos removal, cleaning and disinfection of legionella-infested facilities; for use in laboratories and pharmacies; and for protection against biological agents. Use not recommended in atmospheres with less than 17% oxygen content volume, nor in explosive atmospheres. 

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