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Medop Vision

The Full Mask. Resists impact and heat radiation.

Medop Vision is a full mask with excellent respiratory and facial protection, with the following features:

-Manufactured in rubber, with a polycarbonate visor with great resistance to impacts and radiant heat.

-Wide field of vision.

-The visor includes two interior valves to circulate air and prevent fogging.

-Has a strap that allows it to be hung from the neck when resting or stopping work.

-Adapts to all types of face, offering a perfect fit, without compression.

-Has one inhalation valve and two exhalation valves.

-Weight: 573 grams.

-Connection for filters with universal thread.

-A wide range of filters is available to provide respiratory protection for any job.

-Category 3 PPE.


Due to the above characteristics, Medop Vision can be used in environments with particle or gas contamination. Sectors that can use this full mask are: home improvement, painting, mining, construction, chemistry and laboratories, gardening, metallurgy and manufacture of materials such as textiles and wood.

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